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l-r: Gail Coleshill – FOCS Secretary, Kathy Head – Mayor of Crewkerne, Mike Frackiewicz – FOCS Historian, Paul and Chris Thurston.

Crewkerne mayor, Kathy Head was very pleased to receive a painting of the historic Locomotive Crewkerne from the well known railway artist Paul Thurston this week. Paul offered Somerset’s Friends of Crewkerne Station this picture after giving permission for the image of another of his paintings to be used in a banner over the Old Pumphouse at the station.

The original painting is in the Museum at Crewkerne showing the famous Locomotive Crewkerne actually at the station. Originally Paul painted it as a commission when he was living in the area. The Friends had a banner made of this painting which shows Crewkerne in its original build as a ‘Spam Can’ and placed it over the Pumphouse door at the station.

Gail Coleshill, Secretary, said: “Paul very kindly gave us permission to use the image of the original painting and then much to our delight he offered to give us another painting of the same locomotive, Crewkerne, but this time in its rebuilt condition. We were honoured that Mayor Kathy Head agreed to come up to the station to receive the painting from Paul Thurston and we have asked her if the painting can be displayed in the Town Hall for our next exhibition.”

The Friends of Crewkerne Station will be holding an exhibition in the Town Hall and at the station to celebrate the 160th anniversary of the station opening on the week from 19 to 23 October. It is intended that the painting by Paul Thurston will be part of the exhibition.

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