SWR launches Tap2Go to take the hassle out of buying a train ticket

South Western Railway

Newly launched Tap2Go works out the best daily fare for customers

Stores a range of different tickets including season tickets

Linked to customer’s credit or debit card

For use on SWR services outside of London

South Western Railway (SWR) has launched a new account-based ticketing system, “Tap2Go”, which now means, once registered on the system, customers will no longer need to buy a ticket before their journey. Instead SWR will work out the best daily fare when a customer touches in and out with their Tap2Go enabled smartcard.

Linked to the customer’s credit or debit card, payment is taken from the Tap2Go account the day after they travel. Tap2Go customers can choose to have credit in their account by topping up their account or have their credit or debit card charged directly.

The Tap2Go smartcard can also let customers store other tickets such as season tickets, which means that journeys between the origin and destination of the season tickets will not be charged.

To sign up for Tap2Go customers will need to set-up an account at southwesternrailway.com and then email the Tap2Go team at smartcards@swrailway.com and Tap2Go will be added to their account. Once customers have signed up a new smartcard will be sent out within five working days of the order.

New features will be added later this year, which will include being able to add Tap2Go to an existing Touch smartcard.

At the moment, Tap2Go can only be used on SWR services outside of London.

Peter Williams, South Western Railway’s Commercial Director, said:
“Our Tap2Go smartcard removes the need for customers to buy a ticket before their journey, making their journey with us a whole lot easier.

“With the ability to add season tickets to their card, everything the customer needs for their journey will be all in one place. Plus, by calculating the best daily fare, Tap2Go will ensure value for money for our customers.”

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South Western Railway Press Office: Press@swrailway.com

South Western Railway

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