2023 Calendar for Stations in Bloom

Download our FREE 2023 Stations in Bloom Calendar featuring over 70 images  and 12 full size images of our super station volunteers across the south west and southern region.  Click on the link for your FREE PDF 2023 CALENDAR Stations in Bloom

New Line Guide with timetable

Download a copy of our new Line Guide with timetable for Exeter to Waterloo by clicking on the link below. It’s packed full of ideas for great days out on the Blackmore Vale Line. We hope it will be useful to you. It’s designed to be interactive and you can scan QR codes for videos […]

Passenger Survey Summary Report

A copy of the Passenger Survey Summary report can be downloaded free here. Summary of Findings Passenger Survey BVCRP FEB 2023 PDF  Some good things have happened since our survey was carried out. Three of the major issues highlighted by rail users in the survey have now been sorted.  Timetable Posters are now on all […]

Bond is Back!

The artwork in the waiting room on platform 2 of Sherborne Station was painted by art students from the Gryphon School in June 2008. Originally displayed on the wall and celebrating the new ‘James Bond’ played by Daniel Craig in 2006 film Casino Royale, and  anticipating the release of the next instalment and twenty second […]

Sherborne and The Railway

Last week, The Sherborne and District Society CPRE and The Blackmore Vale Community Rail Partnership were delighted to unveil a new history information poster for Sherborne Station. The poster, written and designed by Giles Harvey, explores the impact on the commercial growth of Sherborne following the railway’s opening from 1860.  Although busy with passengers today, […]

Try the Train at Templecombe

Blackmore Vale line Community Rail Partnership and Templecombe School joined the national campaign celebrating the vital role of Britain’s railways in bringing communities together. Day 2 of Community Rail Week on Tuesday 23 May focused on education and youth engagement with the railway.  This gave rise to a unique opportunity to work with celebrated local […]

The Tale of Sevenpence the Templecombe Station Cat

Young readers will love “The Tale of Sevenpence the Templecombe Station Cat.” “When a parcel arrives at Templecombe Station the dour Mrs Peck is not amused at its contents and wants nothing more to do with it. Abandoned and unwanted in a strange place, will the tiny bundle inside ever find a new home.” At […]