News Release: Boundary walk as part of the St Bartholomew’s Fair day

the bounders’ crossing a stile into a field with Rotary Members Caroline Dredge and Sarah Holley in the Hi visibility vests
the bounders’ crossing a stile into a field with Rotary Members Caroline Dredge and Sarah Holley in the Hi-visibility vests

Starting from the library on Saturday afternoon a group of about 38 set out to ‘beat the bounds’ of Crewkerne Parish. Martin Holley from the Rotary club of Crewkerne District introduced himself and started the walk. He explained that Crewkerne has the benefit of many green lanes and footpaths and it is possible to use them to keep very close to and on the boundary line. The advantage of a Parish Boundary walk is that although in total it’s over 6 miles, there are points along it where people can cut back into town whenever they want or after 2 or 4 miles.

The weather was favorable and the first part up the valley behind the church was accomplished at a brisk pace. Meeting the boundary at Saunders Piece Lane the group paused for some information from Gail Coleshill about Beating the Bounds and the boundary along Cathole Bridge road before turning northeast along the boundary line to Shutteroaks bridge.

Walk leader Martin Holley said that “Sadly there was no evidence of the reputed boundary post there anymore but local residents were able to direct us back up the so-called ‘Devils Staircase’ footpath which certainly was a bit of a climb. The boundary was too difficult to follow at this point so we made for Crow Castle Lane.”

Following the footpath to Crow Castle the walkers had to clamber over a fallen tree. Town Councillor Rusty Jackson took the opportunity to say she would get on to the footpath officer later to get it cleared out of the way.

The boundary was rejoined at Longstrings Lane and then across the A30 to Easthams Lane but the party preferred the prettier route via Butts Quarry Lane ending with its fine views over the valley towards Station road. Many of the walkers were still in the group and following the line of the boundary on footpaths made it to the top of Lang road. It was decided that finishing the boundary by walking along Cathole Bridge road was not a good idea in view of the traffic and so it was back into town.

Martin Holley was impressed by the walkers stamina. He said that “It was ideal weather for our walk so most people made it at least half way round and I was impressed by how many made it right to the end. It was great to see such a lot of people joining us for the afternoon and they all said how much they enjoyed it and would join us next year too.

Phillip Bell

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