Go Green by Train

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Friends of Crewkerne Station FOCS

Day Out for Gillingham Museum to Crewkerne with Blackmore Vale Community Rail Partnership

This week members of Gillingham Museum came to Crewkerne as part of the ‘Go Green by Train’ organised by the national Community Rail Network. Local station adoption groups like the Friends of Crewkerne Station have been encouraging people to use the train to visit family, go to work, and make leisure visits as part of the COP 26 (Conference of the Parties). Leaving the car at home and travelling by train saves energy use and helps combat climate change.

Unfortunately, extreme weather affected the groups travel plans as heavy rain flooded the Crewkerne tunnel the previous day which meant train cancellations. The day of their visit the trains were running again but more slowly and a late arrival at Crewkerne meant the minibus taxi ordered to town had to leave for other appointments. Crewkerne taxis were very good and soon found a replacement so that the Gillingham visitors made it to their first stop at Crewkerne Museum.

Museum organiser Janet Harris gave them an informative tour and they left for an excellent lunch break at the Crooked Swan. Secretary Gail Coleshill then took them on the town trail explaining something of the history and more up to date accounts of buildings and life in Crewkerne. She said:

“We finished with tea at Bilby’s and I was pleased that they enjoyed their visit so much that they are hoping to come again and bring other Gillingham visitors with them. Crewkerne town was an unknown to them and they were surprised at the variety of shops and things of interest.”

Contact Gail Coleshill, Secretary, Friends of Crewkerne Station 07811657798

The Gillingham visitors led by Sam Woodcock are seen with Gail outside the splendid St Bartholomews church.

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