FOCS News Release April 10th 2019

Blackmore Vale Community Rail Partnership signing at Crewkerne Station

Chair of the Friends of Crewkerne Station (FOCS) Tony Reese was pleased to welcome new Community Rail Partnership Manager (CRP) Manager Andrew Harrowell, local partnership officer Caroline Rowlands and AcoRP (Association of Community Rail Partnerships) representative Daniel Wright to the station on a Volunteers working day to sign the new CRP agreement. The group were able to see what has been achieved by FOCS and were able to discuss how South Western Railways (SWR) can support their ambitions for the station.

They were met at the station by the Friends of Crewkerne Station who were keen to show what had been achieved. The Friends have worked in partnership with South Western Railway and local businesses to set up cattle trough planters on the platform with insect friendly and picturesque plants. They also work with the staff at the station to report any damage and needed improvements and have been able to procure both an inside seat and an added outside seat with canopy for the benefit of the travelling public.

Chair of BVCRP and member of FOCS Gail Coleshill said:

“This is an exciting time for us. We have signed the Community Rail Partnership agreement this week and look forward to working with South Western Railway to promote travel from and between all of our stations.”

Photo shows Tony Reese, Gail Coleshill, Andrew Harrowell, and Caroline Rowlands in @Sues cafe

CRP Manager Andrew Harrowell, who has responsibility for all the station adoption groups in South Western Railway said:

“Station adoption can help provide links between South Western Railway and the local community. It has been really interesting to meet the well established Friends group and I thank them for all their efforts with us. I’m delighted they have renewed their agreement with us and look forward to working further together in the future.”

“We are keen to increase the number of rail community partnerships across our network. If anyone is inspired by BVCRP’s work and wants to set-up their own partnership with SWR, then they should contact me at

One of South Western Railway’s Franchise winning strategies was to encourage existing station adoption groups and develop more Community Rail Partnerships in their network.

Anyone interested in joining the Friends of Crewkerne Station can come along to the meeting at the Globe Misterton on March 27th at 7.30pm. Or you can visit the website, fill in a form in the waiting room, or contact Chairman Tony Reese on 07967947335 or

Contact Gail Coleshill, Secretary, Friends of Crewkerne Station 07811 657798