Crewkerne Press Release: New Planters for Crewkerne Station

The station Volunteers at Crewkerne found that the wooden tubs used as planters on the unused down platform were ‘losing their bottoms’ and that the time had come for replacements. After an investigation, the Friends of Crewkerne Station decided that drinking troughs for cattle answered the requirements and obtained them at a discount from Countrywide who are supporters of the Friends of Crewkerne Station. These are particularly suitable as they are a historic reminder that one of the main functions of that platform was to transport calves up to Scotland.

The troughs have been filled with compost by the volunteers and planted with plants, either donated or obtained at a discount from Sherborne Garden Centre. There are Pelargonium, Herbs, Helichrysum and ornamental grasses which are all drought resistant. The Volunteers have situated rainwater butts against an old British Rail hut that side but are very much aware of the difficulties of not having a mains water source. There is a weekly rota to keep the planters healthy and watered and the Friends would welcome more people to help out. The Friends of Crewkerne Station are a group of supporters and campaigners at the station and believe the booking office, waiting room and toilets should be open and comfortable for rail passengers.

Friends Membership Secretary Sue Frackiewicz welcomes new members. She says

“New members get a membership card with our logo and a free visit to Crewkerne Museum valid until October. The logo is based on the old Southern Railway sign with the Friends name incorporated which we decided was a nice touch. In addition, as an added inducement, anyone joining now will receive an extra couple of months’ membership free. For the standard annual fee of £10 (£5 for those unwaged or on benefits), membership will run until 30th September 2018. Membership forms are available at the station during opening hours, or by calling 07761 441453.”

Today the Planters were labelled with the ‘Friends of Crewkerne Station’ logo as seen in the photo. Friends volunteers are from left to right Gail Coleshill, Sue Frackiewicz, Tony Reese, Sue Laing from Countrywide, Mike Frackiewicz, Jo Spiteler, Heather Sergeant and Henryk Ploszek,

Gail Coleshill, Secretary Friends of Crewkerne Station, 07811 657798

Phillip Bell

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