Andrew Harrowell Community Rail Manager has put forward two of our stations Gillingham and Yeovil Junction for DfT funding.

Andrew says ‘this is a £330 million programme which all train operators bid into, for the DfT to then decide how the funds will be split across the country. There are a number of criteria that stations are assessed on and SWR’s Regional Development Managers worked closely with stakeholders to help create the final shortlist, balancing passenger need, with feasibility and third party funding.

We expect a decision in late spring on whether any of our bids were successful. We will then work with Network Rail, who deliver the projects over the next five years.

As there is a lot of submissions from across the country we can make no guarantees if any of our stations will be selected for this funding, however I thought you might find this of interest. Stations on CRP lines include:Blackmore Vale Line – Gillingham and Yeovil Junction

Click here to read the booklet outlining which stations SWR put forward for the Department for Transport’s Access for All funding.

Phillip Bell